Dominatrix Toronto

Good Boy.

The Lady Henry - Dominatrix Toronto. Specializing in Self Exploration, Personal Growth & Acceptance through BDSM, Kink, Role Play, Fetish, ABDL, Impact Play.


Let Me Take Over.

you'll like it.

where the real you comes out to play.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Lady Henry takes guests on emotional & spiritual journeys through the use of sensation & identity. The act of Submission frees the mind & body, allowing your true self to exist in a place of acceptance. 

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Fully equipped dungeon

Located in the High Park area of Toronto, The Ritual Chamber offers unparalleled facilities with over 300 expert implements & rare play pieces. Immaculate conditions with 5 impeccably designed theme rooms; Victorian Parlour, Dungeon, Classroom, Medical Clinic & ABDL Nursery. Ample street parking available with discrete entrance & location.


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Safe. Sane. COnsensual.

All scenes are thoroughly vetted to ensure mutual physical, emotional and ethical safety via negotiation, continuous 2-way communication, check-ins and enforcement of safe, responsible practices.


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Confidential. Compassionate. no judgements.

Trust means everything. Without trust none of this is possible. I've played with people of all adult ages, interests, body types, relationship statuses, genders, backgrounds and experience levels. I'm here to play and to make a space for you.


...Was initially skeptical but you pounced on me and it was so terrifying! Loved being stalked, menaced, (wo)manhandled. Loved! being mentally challenged and pushed out of comfort zone - walk in heels, answer questions, etc. Wind-down as really sweet. Wrote down your ideas about being a better man, taking that seriously. So many firsts for me on Sunday, thx for guiding me through that experience.
— Play Guest